ShofarNexus Demonstration Site

This is a demo site for ShofarNexus.

All security is turned off, so you may examine all freely.

Note that the site is frequently wiped clean or updated, so data may disappear.

Email, SMS and Voice Messages

View messages at “/_Message”.

You can send an SMS text or call +1 424-363-9874. The results will show up in the messages.

Yes, the phone number is Beverly Hills, California. No, I do not live there, but rather Tennessee.

Networking tools

Much can be seen with these tools including details about sockets, packets, streams, adapters, and the various protocols.

Specific tools are being added to allow direct exorcising of various protocols. Note also that documentation is typically always in front of you when using the tools.

Most tools were functional, but a low level redesign has broken them. They are currently being restored.

Tools that are functional or in progress include:

Sending email (SMTP) “/_Net,SMTP,Tool”.

Receiving email (POP3) “/_Net,POP3,Tool”.

DHCP queries “/_Net,DHCP,Tool”.

DNS queries “/_Net,DNS,Tool”.

Ping queries “/_Net,Ping,Tool”.

WhoIs queries “/_Net,WhoIs,Tool”.

TLS sessions “/_Net,TLS,Tool”.

Trace Route tool “/_Net,TraceRoute,Tool”.


Recent HTML activity is at “/_Manifest”.

Not Found

Recent Not Found queries are at “/_Manifest,NotFound”.

Test this by querying “/This_Does_Not_Exist”.


Recent Phishing queries are at “./_Manifest,Phishing”.

Test this by querying “/Test.php” or “/@.php”.

All “.php” queries are consider phishing since PHP is not used.

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ShofarBook: An untraceable self-replicating multilingual Bible

ShofarBook: An update as the project continues

The objective of this site is a technology demonstration of some of the features of ShofarNexus, the software that is hosting this page.

Since the page does not contain JavaScript or require data from other sources, it is completely self-contained. You can verify this with your browser typically by hitting F12 and then finding the “sources” of the files for the page. You will see that it all comes from the single source. In some cases a browser might add additional diagnostic sources. On most pages you view you will find a list of numerous other sources, often related to Google, that provide content, or are simply tracking tools.

The ShofarNexus design allows for simple download of content on the page for offline viewing, including audio and video. Often when this is done with other sites, JavaScript is also downloaded which can be used to track your viewing of the page even when you start with an offline copy.

The ShofarNexus design allows for downloading an entire website to allow it to be viewed offline including all internal navigation tools and without any tracking.


The technology is very real, as demonstrated, but needs a driver project to bring it fully to life.

Interested parties please contact